Thursday, May 19, 2011

FHE Conducting Chart - FREEBIE

I recently attended a class at my church that talked about spending more quality time with your family.  I came home reenergized and refocused my priorities in a few areas that needed some fine tuning.  One area that I have been working hard at is Family Home Evening.  "Family home evening is a special time set aside each week that brings family members together and strengthens their love for each other, helps them draw closer to Heavenly Father, and encourages them to live righteously."  (credit HERE)  My efforts in the past have been minimal to say the least.  So after attending my class, I came home a set a new goal about holding FHE regularly in my home.  To help me with planning, I made this chart.  I have found that I am more prepared and it helps me keep things moving smoothly - a huge must with little ones involved.  The chart has also become the kids conducting chart.  I let the kids conduct get them more involved.

I printed the chart on white card stock, trimmed the edges, mounted on black card stock and finally laminated.  Since I laminated my chart, it becomes reusable every week.  Just make sure you have a dry erase marker around.  I hang it on my fridge after FHE is over to give me a daily reminder of my new family goal.

Click HERE to download your FREEBIE!

I have a small favor to ask in return if you download the FHE chart {wink wink} - become a follower!   I told you the favor was small :) 

I used Just So Scrappy Happy Days kit to create this file!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Even though I am a digital girl, I still enjoy an occasional crafting day that does not involve my computer.  Today was that kind of crafting day.  I needed to make my daughter's gift for Teacher Appreciation Week.  I am grateful for our Kindergarten teacher this year and definitely wanted to thank her for all that she has done for my daughter.  I hope that this gift will keep her inspiration going in years to come as she continues to teach and inspire her little "Kinder Kids."

This gift was simple and fast to make, and cost me under $5.00 since all I had to buy was the glass block.  Yeah!!! 

Items Needed
  • Rectangle Glass Block (got mine at Lowe's for $4.29)
  • Cricut (or similar type cutting machine)
  • Vinyl (cut letters at 1 1/2 inches high)
  • Ribbon (pick 2 coordinating pieces, each with a different widths .)
To assemble, simply cut out the lettering and attach to the glass block.  Then tie the coordinating ribbons around the edge of the block.  That's it - Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezey!!!