Friday, June 14, 2013

Summertime Bordem Buster Chart - New Release

Day One into my summer vacation with my kiddos I literally broke down in sobs to my hubby before he left for work because I didn't know how I was going survive the summer.  My poor hubby . . . he didn't know what to do with me.  He told me to take a deep breath and face the day head on and left.  After the tears stopped flowing, I came up with the idea for this summertime bordem buster chart. 

 It turned out just like I wanted it to.  I wanted a self-managing chart for my older kiddos to help give them activity ideas for the day and somethign that would help limit their "screen time."  I haven't heard them say, "Mom I'm bored!" since the charts were mounted on the wall.   Success!!!

Basically, my kids pick an activity to play.  Once they are finished and cleaned up, they can move that activity strip to the "screen time" box they desire.  Once 3 activity strips have been collected in one box, then they get to play whatever that screen time box is. 

I also offer a more personalized version in my Etsy Shop where you can add your child's name, "screen time" time limits and a list of daily chores that they need to complete.

Here are my kiddos command centers (that is what I am calling them).  Their Personalize Week Chore Chart and Payday Punch Cards complete their command centers.  Everything my kids need to get through their day is right at their fingertips.  I love it and most importantly they love it.

 If you are interested in making these for your kiddos be sure to stop by my Etsy Shop to get your files today.

Summertime Bordem Buster Charts - available for INSTANT DOWNLOAD

Personalized Bordem Buster Charts 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

And The Winners Are . . .

Heather G
Tori F
Alleen M
Amy G
Dezi A
Brigitte F
Connie G

 Check your e-mails or FB Messaging for your winning file!

 Thanks to everyone who played! It was so fun to see all your comments!

 Stay Tuned for some Easter fun!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Pin It To Win It

St Patty's Day is coming up fast.  Don't let this day slip by unnoticed like I use to . . . embrace it!!!  To help get you all excited about the big day on Sunday, I am giving away SEVEN Minute To Win It - St Patty's Day Edition.  All you have to do is PIN IT to enter.

Good Luck and happy pinning!!!

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Leave a comment for each entry... be sure to leave either your FB name or email so I can get in touch with you if you win!  Winners announced on my FB Page and Blog on Thursday Evening (3/14).

You don't have to wait til Thursday to get your files - Just click HERE to purchase your files via Etsy Instant Download!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

St Patty's Day Minute To Win It


When you ask your children what their favorite holiday it, I bet they don't say St Patrick's Day like my daughter does.  St Patty's Day use to be a holiday I let slip by and now it is one that I put a lot of time and effort into to make it as fun as I can for my kids, especially my daughter.  Treasure hunts, fun food and a sneaky little leprechaun are just a few of the things that make this holiday so much fun around here.

My Valentine Minute to Win it was such a hit with my kids that I got started planning my St.Patty's Day version right away.  It turned out AWESOME and my kids can't stop talking about playing the fun games.

Just like my Valentine's Day version, everything needed to play the game can be found at Walmart or your local dollar store.  My favorite game piece this time around are these mini green mugs - so cute!!!  I have included a shopping list so all you have to do is print and shop.  I like to make things Easy Peasy for you!!!

Visit my Etsy Shop to get your DIY printable . . .HERE!  

This file is now available in INSTANT DOWNLOAD via Etsy!!!

Be sure to check out my Etsy Shop for my Holiday fun!!!

Friday, March 1, 2013

St Patty's Day Countdown Blocks - NEW RELEASE

My daughter loves all holidays, but St Patrick's Day is her favorite.  She loves the Leprechaun that will pinch you if you are not wearing green and we have a sneaky little Leprechaun that visits our house and makes a huge mess.  Every year she designs a trap to catch that "bad little leprechaun."  

I might not share her same enthusiasm about St Patty's Day, but I know that I will make this holiday a special as I can for her. I created a St Patty's Day countdown for her so she will know exactly how many days until the leprechaun comes. She is thrilled with these blocks and they coordinate so well with all things green.

Once our little Leprechaun has come and gone, these blocks will be turned into a Calendar for the remaining days of the month.

 Over the years, St Patty's Day is becoming a holiday I do look forward to.  I love planning and prepping to make her day a fun and unforgettable day!

Visit my Etsy Shop to get your DIY printable . . .HERE!  

This file is now available in INSTANT DOWNLOAD - no waiting for me to e-mail the files to you!  

Be sure to check out my Etsy Shop for my Holiday fun!!! 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Valentine's Day Minute To Win It - Giveaway Winners!!!

Thanks for everyone who participated in my giveaways.  The winners are . . .

Beth G
Amy L
Mindy S

Check your e-mails ladies for your winning file. 

For those of you who didn't win, my Valentine's Day Minute To Win It is still available in my Esty Shop - HERE, go grab your set today!
Have the rest of a great weekend!!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Minute To Win In - Valentine's Day Edition

I have a fun NEW RELEASE for you today!  I am so excited about it that I am giving some away!!!

One summer my kids and I were hooked the hit show Minute To Win It. That summer for a family night, I put together a mini Minute To Win It game night and my kids loved it. They ask all the time to play so I decided to make a Valentine’s Day Edition this year. They are going to FREAK with excitement. I have put together some classic games and have come up with a few of my own for this kit. All games can be played with regular everyday items, but the game becomes even more fun when all items are festive to the holiday. 

I created game cards to make the games go a smoother.  All the information needed to play the games are on the cards.  The game cards include:  materials needed, objective and directions to each game.  I printed my game cards on cardstock and laminated them for durability.

I also put together some treat tags and water bottle labels for before, after or even during the game.  My kids will be asking like crazy to eat the candy during the game so these treat bags will be perfect to give them.  This way they can munch on the leftover candies during the game.  And for my family water is a must after some of the games are played so why not make our water bottles festive as well.

Like I said earlier, I am so excited about this new kit that I am giving 5 sets away to one of you.  Here's how you can enter:

  1. PIN the listing from my Etsy Shop {HERE}
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Leave a comment for each entry...
Don't forget to leave either your FB Name or email so I can reach you if you win!

Winners will be announced on my blog and FB Page on Sunday February 10th.

Friday, February 1, 2013

You've Been Hugged - Free Printable

My two older kids have fallen in love with the fun holiday tradition of  "You've Been Booed" or "You've Been Elfed."  They have been asking me if we could start one for Valentine's Day.  After a quick search on Pintrest, I found that there was very little to choose from in this department for Valentine's Day so I came up with my own and wanted to share it with you.  

I made the image black and white on purpose.  I am all into this fun idea of passing along a Valentine Hug, I just don't want to waste my colored ink on it.  {WINK!  WINK!}

To go along with our "HUGS" I made chocolate covered popcorn - one of my family's favorite.  Here's how I make mine.  I pop a ton of popcorn - like 5 big bowls full.  Then I sort out the popped from the non-popped kernels.  Next I butter and salt mine like I normal would because I love salty/sweet treats.  My aunt just barely gave me this tip and it makes a HUGE difference in the final product - so yummy!!!  Then I lay out wax paper on my kitchen island and pour out all the buttered popcorn in an even layer.  

Then comes the fun part, I melt Wilton Chocolate Melts in red and pink.  (A quick tip, I melt them in a large Ziploc bag so I do not dirty up another bowl.)  After the chocolates are melted, I snip a very small corner off of the Ziploc and drizzle the chocolate all over the buttered popcorn.  I let the chocolate sit to harden up.  Finally the popcorn is ready for eating.

I bagged the chocolate popcorn in gallon size bread bags and tied with some cute Valentine's Day ribbon.  I have printed off my "HUGGED" sheets with instructions and now just have to wait for dark to deliver.  

This is such a fun tradition to participate in.  I hope that your family will have as much fun as my family will tonight as we deliver our "HUGS" to our friends and neighbors.  

You can download this freebie HERE
It comes as a black and white image on one side and the instructions on the other side.  

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

NEW PRODUCT - Valentine Countdown Blocks

Today I am excited to release a new product in my shop - countdown blocks.   So far these are a huge hit with my kids and me!!  My kids love switching the blocks every morning, which means I have yet to have a turn - they always beat me to it.  This morning my kids realized that my daughter always switches to the even days and my son to the odd days.  For some reason, that made this interactive calendar even cooler. 

What makes these blocks even more fun to have out for the holiday is that after the holiday is over, they can serve as a fun calendar for the rest of the month simply by during the base block around. 

Once again, all the material needed to make these fun blocks can be found at your local hardware store and craft store.  A full set of instructions comes with your purchase that will give you more specific information. 

Visit my Etsy Shop to get your DIY printable . . .HERE! 

BONUS:  This file is now available in INSTANT DOWNLOAD - no waiting for me to e-mail the files to you! 

Be sure to check out my Etsy Shop HERE for my Holiday Word Blocks!!!

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Monday, January 28, 2013

Valentine Word Blocks - NEW RELEASE

Oh BOY . . . it has been awhile, but I am back and crafting again.  It feels so good. 

My daughter and I were SO ready to get out the Valentine's decorations.  I was done with my winter decorations and wanted a splash of color to brighten my days and my daughter was ready to decorate with pink - her favorite color.  When ever you are ready to start decorating for Valentines Day be sure to add these cute Valentine Word Blocks to your decor. 

They add a fun element to any tablescape or mantel.   As for the rest of my decorations, I picked up a few things from the dollar store and found some cute Valentine candies to finish things off.  Not a lot of money needs to be spent to make a cute and fun holiday tablescape. 

Visit my Etsy Shop to get your DIY printable . . .HERE!  An instruction sheet and complete supply list is included with this file. 
BONUS:  This file is now available in INSTANT DOWNLOAD - no waiting for me to e-mail the files to you! 

Be sure to check out my Etsy Shop HERE for my Holiday Word Blocks!!!

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