Friday, February 1, 2013

You've Been Hugged - Free Printable

My two older kids have fallen in love with the fun holiday tradition of  "You've Been Booed" or "You've Been Elfed."  They have been asking me if we could start one for Valentine's Day.  After a quick search on Pintrest, I found that there was very little to choose from in this department for Valentine's Day so I came up with my own and wanted to share it with you.  

I made the image black and white on purpose.  I am all into this fun idea of passing along a Valentine Hug, I just don't want to waste my colored ink on it.  {WINK!  WINK!}

To go along with our "HUGS" I made chocolate covered popcorn - one of my family's favorite.  Here's how I make mine.  I pop a ton of popcorn - like 5 big bowls full.  Then I sort out the popped from the non-popped kernels.  Next I butter and salt mine like I normal would because I love salty/sweet treats.  My aunt just barely gave me this tip and it makes a HUGE difference in the final product - so yummy!!!  Then I lay out wax paper on my kitchen island and pour out all the buttered popcorn in an even layer.  

Then comes the fun part, I melt Wilton Chocolate Melts in red and pink.  (A quick tip, I melt them in a large Ziploc bag so I do not dirty up another bowl.)  After the chocolates are melted, I snip a very small corner off of the Ziploc and drizzle the chocolate all over the buttered popcorn.  I let the chocolate sit to harden up.  Finally the popcorn is ready for eating.

I bagged the chocolate popcorn in gallon size bread bags and tied with some cute Valentine's Day ribbon.  I have printed off my "HUGGED" sheets with instructions and now just have to wait for dark to deliver.  

This is such a fun tradition to participate in.  I hope that your family will have as much fun as my family will tonight as we deliver our "HUGS" to our friends and neighbors.  

You can download this freebie HERE
It comes as a black and white image on one side and the instructions on the other side.  

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