Monday, February 7, 2011

Valentine Gift Tag - You Knock My Socks Off!

My kids love "crazy socks" as they like to call them so I decided it would be a fun gift for Valentine's Day.  I picked these socks up at the Target $1 Spot.  I had to go Batman for my little dude, no girly socks for him.  As for my daughter's there were too many cute ones to choose from so I closed my eyes and grabbed.  Then I printed, trimmed and attached the tag below with red raffia.  I think that I am in love with red raffia as I have used it quite a lot this Valentine season.  Embellishments have always been a weakness of mine.  I can't get enough of them. 

Click HERE to download your FREE printable tags!
I used Just So Scrappy for this digital creation!


  1. Saw this on a craft party link up. Great, free idea!

  2. Just shared your ideas on my blog cute blog you have. Thanks for the ideas!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing - this is great! We shared your idea on our dental blog along with other sugar free Valentine ideas.