Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Golden Ticket Reward System - NEW RELEASE

My sister in law called me about a month ago with this great idea for a new "rewards system."   She wanted to be able to give her kids a  reward for good behavior.  She asked me if I would create some kind of "coupon" to give to her kids and wanted one that was a little more special, "like a golden ticket."   What a PERFECT idea!!!  I couldn't wait to get started for her sake and mine.  I wanted to use this system in my house as well.  This system's concept is easy:  the kids do something good or kind for someone in the family and they get a reward ticket in return.

I created 4 different color designs so each child in the family could choose their own tickets, in addition to the GOLDEN TICKET. 

This system is easy.  Once you have printed, trimmed and laminated the tickets, simply use a Sharpie marker to write the reward.  When the ticket has been cashed in, simply wipe clean with some window cleaner and be on the look out for some more good behavior. 

My hubby and I have decided to keep the rewards simple.  Here are a few we are using
  • Stay up 15 minutes late
  • 1 extra dessert
  • 1 more book to read at bedtime
  • Manicure
  • 15 minutes of Mommy/Daddy play
  • Date to the Movie Theater - Golden Ticket
  • Dinner Date with Mommy/Daddy - Golden Ticket
The ideas are endless and can be adapted to each child's likes and needs. 


A special THANKS to Just So Scrappy and her digital kits!!!

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  1. This is way cool! I will definitely feature this on my blog with your permission. Thank you for sharing your talent to benefit others for the better! Kudos! :)

  2. I love thos idea!! Im posting on my blog tpday at

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    Thanks for your time!

  4. I just snagged your printables for lesson #8. Thanks! I was wondering if you could tell me how you do your ads? I like how you display ads from products you actually care about, like vistaprint and photoshop. Can you give me some advice? My email is kirsti (dot) clark (at)

  5. I love the reward tickets you created! Thank you for sharing! I can't seem to bring up a link to purchase/download the tickets. Would it be possible to email them to me, or verify the link? Thank you!