Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine Gift Tag - You Melt My Heart

 Valentine's Day is fast approaching, but I have one more gift idea for you.  This gift tag can go with so many ideas, but here are a few I came up with this afternoon.

Give a container full of chocolate candies.  Who wouldn't love chocolate on Valentine's Day and chocolate "Melts" 

I also made some heart shaped Rice Krispy treats.  After I molded the hearts using the Wilton 6-Cavity Silicone Heart Mold Pan, I sprinkled colored Wilton Candy Melts over the top with a fork and topped with Valentine colored sprinkles. 

Finally, using Wilton Candy Melts, I made free form hearts shaped suckers.  After I melted the candy melts, using a large spoon, I made a heart shapes over small sucker sticks.  And once again sprinkled with Valentine colored sprinkles. 

I went with something different today and used toile to attach the tag to all my gifts. 

Click HERE to download this FREEBIE


  1. Very cute! Hope you'll share these at the Pretty Packages Party!


  2. Thanks so much- I just wish I'd found this earlier!! It'll be great for next year- I also got the other two tags and have used them :)

  3. Thanks for sharing! I am using this on little bags of yogurt melts for my baby's class party at school!

  4. Waseem - these tags are a free download on my blog. The download link is at the bottom of the post. After you download you can print them at home and cut out.

    Thanks - Lisa

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