Friday, March 1, 2013

St Patty's Day Countdown Blocks - NEW RELEASE

My daughter loves all holidays, but St Patrick's Day is her favorite.  She loves the Leprechaun that will pinch you if you are not wearing green and we have a sneaky little Leprechaun that visits our house and makes a huge mess.  Every year she designs a trap to catch that "bad little leprechaun."  

I might not share her same enthusiasm about St Patty's Day, but I know that I will make this holiday a special as I can for her. I created a St Patty's Day countdown for her so she will know exactly how many days until the leprechaun comes. She is thrilled with these blocks and they coordinate so well with all things green.

Once our little Leprechaun has come and gone, these blocks will be turned into a Calendar for the remaining days of the month.

 Over the years, St Patty's Day is becoming a holiday I do look forward to.  I love planning and prepping to make her day a fun and unforgettable day!

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