Saturday, January 1, 2011

First Digital Project of 2011

First on my list for digital projects every year is a custom family calendar.  I order mine from Vista Print

I started this project many years ago with a request from my hubby.  He wanted to be surrounded by more family pictures at work, but shared his office with others.  I thought a personalized calendar would do the trick and he agreed on one condition, it was "basic and NOT full of frills."  WHAT - no frills!!!  What was a scrappy girl supposed to do?

Vista Prints offers a variety of different options when it comes to calendars so I was able to give my hubby what he wanted.   This calendar could use a few more embellishments and it could DEFINITELY use a better font.  However, it is functional, I am missing fewer family birthdays, and as an added bonus my kids enjoy seeing past family pictures that would not normally have been displayed.

Yeah, my first digital project of the year is done.  Now, what should I work on next?!?!


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