Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Easter Game Bundle - NEW RELEASE

My thoughts have turned to Easter this week.  If you follow my blog regularly, then you know that Holidays are BIG in my family.  I am a little behind in my celebration planning, but I am not too concerned.  I like to keep my family celebrations simple. 

I just finished creating some fun family Easter themed games that would be a great addition to any Easter Egg hunt you may already have planned.  This game bundle includes 2 games and BONUS coloring page. 

The first game in this bundle is the Easter version of Don't Eat Pete.  This game is one of my family's favorite.  It is fun for any age.  If you have never played before, the rules are simple.  First you need to have a bowl of candy.  We usually use M&M's, but for Easter we will use Starburst Jelly Beans.  Place one candy in each square of the game board. Send the first child (or adult) away from the game board, then have the remaining children choose which candy will be "Pete" for the round. Have the first child come back and begin picking candy from the game board. As soon as the child tries to pick "Pete" everyone yells "Don't Eat Pete!"  The child keeps all the candy picked up before trying to get Pete. Refill the game board and play again.

This bundle also includes a Pin the Tail on Peter Cottontail.  I decided that I wanted to make my tails look fluffy so I glued some cotton balls on them.  I think the fluffy version of the tails is SO CUTE.  

This game is comes in an 8x10 for easy printing at home or a 16x20 for printing on a poster at Staples or Office Max. 

Here is how I made my fluffy tails.  First I printed, trimmed and laminated my tails.  Then it only took about 10 minutes to finish adding the fluff.   I took cotton balls and cut them into fourths.  Then I used the glue shown in the picture and covered the whole surface area.  Finally, I started placing the cotton ball quarters onto the glue.  I used about 7 per tail. 


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