Monday, August 29, 2011

Back To School Dinner

My Back To School Dinner was a huge success.  I love planning and executing these themed dinners for my family.  The smiles on their faces during dinner are priceless to me.  As an added bonus, I really enjoy making all the food and decorations to coordinate with my theme. 

When I first started planning my dinner, I went to Pintrest for inspiration.  It seemed like apples were everywhere so I used them as my main decorations and color scheme.  I then stared making everything - the fun part.  After the kids went to bed the night before, I decorated the table and got everything ready for the day.  The easiest part about this dinner was the dinner itself.  I made sack lunches with a hoggie sandwich, chips and strawberries.  I mean you can't get any easier when it comes to dinner. 

I hope that I can inspire you all to throw a themed dinner for your family. They may seem like a lot of time and effort for just a dinner, but the results are so satisfying to me and my family.   It has truly become a passion of mine. 

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