Monday, August 29, 2011

Back To School Dinner

My Back To School Dinner was a huge success.  I love planning and executing these themed dinners for my family.  The smiles on their faces during dinner are priceless to me.  As an added bonus, I really enjoy making all the food and decorations to coordinate with my theme. 

When I first started planning my dinner, I went to Pintrest for inspiration.  It seemed like apples were everywhere so I used them as my main decorations and color scheme.  I then stared making everything - the fun part.  After the kids went to bed the night before, I decorated the table and got everything ready for the day.  The easiest part about this dinner was the dinner itself.  I made sack lunches with a hoggie sandwich, chips and strawberries.  I mean you can't get any easier when it comes to dinner. 

I hope that I can inspire you all to throw a themed dinner for your family. They may seem like a lot of time and effort for just a dinner, but the results are so satisfying to me and my family.   It has truly become a passion of mine. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Smartie Pants Printable

I was searching the blogsphere for a cute and fun treat to put in my kids lunch bag on the first day of school.  When I found this idea HERE, my search ended.   I had to remake the tags to better suit my needs as I needed more than just Kindergarten tags. 

I printed, cut the circles out with a 2" circle cutter, taped some ribbon to the back and then glued the circles to some extra scrap book paper.  I like that I turned the tags into more a a treat topper to give my kids more Smarties.  After it was the first day of school and they had earned an extra treat. 

Click HERE to download your FREEBIE Smartie Pants Tags!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Here's to Another Awesome Year - PRINTABLE

I needed to make a gift for a large group of young girls to give as a back to school gift.  I got the inspiration for this gift HERE and adapted it for my needs.  I just printed, trimmed and attached the tag with a large grade twine.  They came together fast and I was under budget - even better. 

I think that I am going to double duty this gift and use it as my drink for my upcoming family Back to School dinner.

Click HERE to download your FREEBIE tags!