Friday, August 31, 2012

Children's Payday Punch Card - New Release

I have been in major need of a chore card system that worked for both me and my kids for a long time now.  I have tried and tried new ideas, but they all seem to fizzle out. 

One day when I was at one of my favorite sandwich shops for lunch, as I was pulling out my customer loyalty card  (you know the kind:  1 sandwich = 1 punch . . .10 punches = 1 FREE sandwich)  I got the idea for my current chore system.   My kids and I have been testing it out for months and it works like a charm. 

One reason it works so well, is that it is a self managed system.  When I come upon a job the kids can do, I write the chore on their "Chore To Do" card.  I give them a little shout out that they have a new chore to complete.  After they are done with their chore, they give themselves a punch on their "Payday Punch Card."  I try to average 2 chores a day so they can be paid weekly.  Once the kids have complete 12 chores, they get paid.  They hand me their completed card, I give them their money and then they start all over again.  Currently my kids earn $1 a card, but I love that I can increase their pay without changing one thing about the system. 

Another great aspect of this system is your kids decide when they get paid.  My son has opted out of his chore card a few time, but he has learned the hard way that if he does, he does get paid as fast as his sister.

This kit includes 6 "Payday Punch Card" designs (3 boy and 3 girls) with a cordinatng "Chore To Do" card and a cordinating blank card.  I love to use the blank card to leave little "love notes" for my kids. 

Once you purchase your file, all you have to do it print, trim and laminate (just the chore/blank cards) and you are ready to go. 

Visit my shop {HERE} to get your Payday Punch Card System!

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  1. Those punch cards are so cool! I love that idea and how cute the cards are as well. I'm stopping over from a blog hop and am following you, feel free to follow back!

  2. This is such a clever idea! I would love for you link this up at my first LINK PARTY!